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Beverage cartons

Range of eco-responsible recyclable cardboard pots
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Eco-responsible pots made in France

Made up of over 80% of paper/cardboard fibre, our cardboard pots surpassed the required minimum threshold of 50%, demonstrating our commitment to the sustainable development. These pots are not only renewablebut also fully recyclableThis is part of the environmentally-friendly paper and cardboard industry.

These carton pots are customizable and available in a multitude of volumes and diameters, offering unprecedented flexibility to meet your specific needs. They represent a high-quality alternative to traditional plastic pots, helping to reduce dependence on non-biodegradable materials.

Carton jars are distinguished from paper cups by their unique design. They have a flat rim specially designed for the sealing by lid. This feature seals the container, ensuring your product stays fresh and protected.

After recycling, the fibre/pulp material is reused to make a variety of recycled paper packaging, such as egg cartons and corrugated cartons. In addition, the small fraction of the PE (plastic) barrier layer, which seals and protects your products, is separated from the fibres and recycled to produce energy. This means that each component from the carton is used effectively and responsibly.

Our cardboard pots are local, renewable and recyclable, reflecting our commitment to eco-responsible production. They are eco-designed and PEFC certified, which means they come from sustainably managed forests. This certification attests to our commitment to helping preserve natural resources.

Our beverage cartons are lids with paper or other lids, offering compatibility with a wide range of lids and materials. This gives you the flexibility to choose the lid that best suits your products and needs.

Our beverage cartons comply with the strictest food contact standards. This guarantees that each carton we produce is safe to contain food, giving you total peace of mind.

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Made in France and composed of more than 80% paper/cardboard fibreThese carton packs are renewable and recyclable.

Eco-designed, PEFC-certified, from sustainably managed forests

They come under the paper and cardboard sector.

Carton jars are distinguished by their specially designed flat rim. designed to be sealed with a lid, ensuring that the container remains airtight.

Carton jars are perfectly customisable with water-based, solvent-free inks, to promote your brand and your product at the point of sale.

The carton jars are compatible with PACKINOV for controlled heat sealing and peelability.

It is also possible to paper/cardboard lids.

PACKINOV carton packs are ideal for the agri-food market, being perfectly adapted to the needs of the food industry. comply with current European standards

Designed for

Fruit yoghurt

Plastic pots

Plain, stirred, semi-skimmed yoghurt, ...

Cream desserts, rice pudding...

Recovering cardboard and paper means save resources and energy, and therefore protect the environment. PACKINOV carton packs make it easy selective sorting by users.


The benefits of beverage cartons

our expertise

our in-house test laboratory

PACKINOV has its own production site in France, a quality testing laboratory.

La pot ⇔ lid compatibility can be tested therewhatever your container and its material, to ensure that perfect sealing, hold and peelability of the liner in your heat-sealing and production conditions.

Give us your pots and we'll carry out compatibility tests in our in-house laboratory!

PACKINOV testing laboratory

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