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Customised range of lids

Customised lids with your brand image and barcode
Design and your brand

Customised lids

Customised lids from PACKINOV are much more than just a packaging element. They are a powerful communication tool which your brand and your products by cosmetics, food processing or pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to our creative support and our expert adviceWe can help you to highlight the features of your product and the values of your company. 

Our range of customised lids offers a multitude of possibilities for unique personalisation. You can opt for printing in 1 to 8 colours, on a variety of materials such as paper, PET, PP or aluminium. This allows you to highlight your logo, a barcode, a citéo logo, and much more. The options are endless, and we're with you every step of the way. guide you through this creative and technical process.

They are easy to heat-sealand offer excellent peelability. 

And finally.., we are able to store these lids in complete safety on our production site in Beynost (01), according to your orders for a constant availability and minimise the risk of stock-outs.

discover different customised lids

Possible safety stock

Customisable pictogram

Limitless graphics

Double-sided printing possible

Picto dimension

All shapes, all sizes

Printing in 1 to 8 colours on paper, PET, PP or aluminium lidswith your logo, a barcode, a citéo logo...

Support from A to Z for the creation. Can be printed single-sided or double-sided.

Perfect seal on your jars, increases the BBD/UBD. Excellent barrier to both light and oxygen. Tamper-proof, guaranteed protection for all your products.

All customised lids can be in stock in our warehouses in Beynost (01) in France, depending on your orders and lead times.

Customised lids are made of aluminium, PET, PP or paper and are compatible with all types of pots.

All forms are possible to fit all your containers.

Suitable for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical markets. Complies with current European standards

Designed for

yoghurt drink small bottle

Food products

pharmaceutical products

Cosmetic products

pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products

PACKINOV's customised seals offer you a strong communication tool to promote your brand and your products.


The benefits of customised lids

Custom range lids suitable for :

our expertise

our in-house test laboratory

PACKINOV has its own production site in France, a quality testing laboratory.

La pot ⇔ lid compatibility can be tested therewhatever your container and its material, to ensure that perfect sealing, hold and peelability of the liner in your heat-sealing and production conditions.

Give us your pots and we'll carry out compatibility tests in our in-house laboratory!

PACKINOV testing laboratory

You're delighted

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