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Neutral range lids

Economical aluminium lids in a wide range of diameters
Simple and economical

A range of neutral lids

The range of neutral lids from PACKINOV offers a solution simple and economic to guarantee reliable, aesthetic protection for all your products, whether cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or food.

They are available in aluminiumavailable in a range of diameters and three different colours. They're perfect for those looking to get their packaging business off the ground, offering an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution.

This range is high quality, easy to heat seal and very good peelability. This means that they are not only robust and durablebut also easy to open for consumers.

All our neutral lids are conforms to current European standards.

La range of neutral lids is in stock in FranceIt is produced at our Beynost plant (01). It is available in 68.3 mm, 95.5 mm, 116.5 mm and many other diameters.

discover neutral lids

In stock

Picto delivery

24/48 hour delivery

Picto removable yoghurt pot

Suitable for PP, PS and cardboard pots

Picto dimension

Numerous diameters

Very economical and perfect for starting up a business. 

Perfect sealincreases the BBD/LOBD.

Excellent barrier to both light and oxygen for ideal protection of your products. Tamper-proof, they guarantee the protection of your food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic product.

In stock at our warehouse in Beynost (01), France. Available in 3 colours and a wide range of diameters and deliverables within 24/48 hours in an emergency.

Visit aluminium and compatible with cardboard, PP or PS pots. Their diameter is 68.3 mm, 95.5 mm or 116.5 mm and many more. They are available in 3 colours in aluminium, white and gold.

Adapted to the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics marketsby being perfectly comply with current European standards

Designed for

Fruit yoghurt, plain, stirred, semi-skimmed...

Cream desserts, rice pudding...

Cosmetic jar

Cosmetic products

Pharmacy neutral food seal

Pharmaceutical products

The neutral lids are economic, perfectly reliable and meet the requirements of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets.


The benefits of neutral lids

our expertise

our in-house test laboratory

PACKINOV has its own production site in France, a quality testing laboratory.

La pot ⇔ lid compatibility can be tested therewhatever your container and its material, to ensure that perfect sealing, hold and peelability of the liner in your heat-sealing and production conditions.

Give us your pots and we'll carry out compatibility tests in our in-house laboratory!

PACKINOV testing laboratory

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