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Cosmetic lids

Specific lids for cosmetic products
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Cosmetic lids

The COSMETICS lids PACKINOV offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs in terms of packaging of cosmetic products. Whether you needaluminium, paper or plastic lids, plain, embossed or customisedWe have the solution you need.

These cosmetic closures have been specifically developed to effectively protect your products. They act as a perfect barrier against light, oxygen and germsThis preserves the chemical and physical characteristics of your products. 

They can also be customised to enhance your brand.

The cosmetic closures are of the highest quality. They are easy to heat sealThis ensures an efficient packaging process and offers a high level of safety. very good peelability

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Customised pictograms


Picto dimension

All formats

Picto composition

Available in aluminium, PET and paper

Magnifying glass

Numerous finishes

Available in plain, embossed or personalised for promote your products and your brand

Perfect seal on your jars, increases the BBD/UBD.

Excellent barrier to both light and oxygen for ideal protection of your products.

Tamper-proof, guaranteed protection for all your products, on the markets cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical and hospital applications.

In stock in our Beynost (01) warehouses in France, depending on your orders and lead times.

Heat-sealable on containers of different materials PP, PET, PE, PVC, SAN (Styrene Acrylonitrile), treated glass, plastic-coated cardboard, varnished metal cans, varnished aluminium cups, etc.

Adapted to health markets : cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, being perfectly comply with current European standards.

Designed for

cosmetic products

Cream, lotion

pharmaceutical products

Capsules, medicines

Homeopathy granules



Medicines in liquid form

The lids in the cosmetics range provide a reliable response to your obligations of protection of the product and its chemical and physical characteristics.


The benefits of cosmetic lids

our expertise

our in-house test laboratory

PACKINOV has its own production site in France, a quality testing laboratory.

La pot ⇔ lid compatibility can be tested therewhatever your container and its material, to ensure that perfect sealing, hold and peelability of the liner in your heat-sealing and production conditions.

Give us your pots and we'll carry out compatibility tests in our in-house laboratory!

PACKINOV testing laboratory

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