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packaging line for buckets

Linear packaging, large containers, buckets, 1000 buckets/hour
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a reliable and precise packaging line for buckets

In the industrial world packaging machines play a crucial role in ensuring efficiency and flexibility of the production process. Investing in a packaging line PACKINOV, is an essential step in optimising your production process. packaging.

La PACKINOV packaging line for buckets, designed and manufactured in France, is not just a machine - it's a complete solution that meets the constantly changing needs of your business. It offers flexibility unrivalled, enabling your production to adapt quickly to changing market demands. Whether you need to fill liquids, pastes or solids, the PACKINOV packaging machine is up to the challenge.

In addition to its flexibility, the PACKINOV packaging line is designed to offer optimal performance. It guarantees packaging that comply with the strictest hygiene and health standards. This packaging machine also ensures precise vacuuming and inerting, helping to preserve the quality of your products while extending their shelf life.

La PACKINOV packaging line is also progressive. This means it can be upgraded or modified as your specific needs evolve. Whether you want integrate additional functions or adopt new formatsthis packaging machine adapts to your requirements, enabling you to remain competitive in the marketplace.




high precision

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La PACKINOV packaging line for buckets is a great reliability for flawless production.

Its precision dosing ensures the right dosage, perfect consistency and real product savings.

Easy to use, the packaging line for buckets has been designed to facilitate production, manage recipes directly from the control console and set the formats to automatic.

It benefits from a easy to clean by CIP, large quantities of water or foam cannon.

High performance, PACKINOV packaging line for buckets achieves high speeds on a single track and can produce up to 1,000 buckets/hour.

Made to measure in our design office in FranceFrom the outset, the bucket packaging line has been designed to be scalable and modular to adapt easily to changes in your production.

In compliance with your specifications, your layout plan and the recommendations EHEDGthe packaging line for buckets will be custom-designed and developed for optimum ergonomics and hygiene.


Cottage cheese
Fresh cream


fruit puree





100% French

PACKINOV packaging machine manufacturer in France

Since 1997, PACKINOV designs and manufactures rotary machines and automatic packaging lines adapted to all products in rigid containers in Beynost (01).

From the outset, this company has opted for the 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

Innovative, top-of-the-range French manufacturer, PACKINOV is present in France and abroad and supports its customers at every stage of their project, in a spirit of partnership. global packaging solution with machines but also pots, the lids and many associated services.

Customised pictograms

in-house design


scalable and modular

Picto target

high precision

1000 buckets/hour

Precise, reliable and high-performance

A bucket line for efficient production

The PACKINOV bucket packaging line is the ideal solution for pack all your products in buckets with great precision.

From a perfect regularity and a high dosing accuracyYou'll be able to change formats in record time, guaranteeing unrivalled performance and enabling you to adapt your production line to changing market needs.

The PACKINOV packaging line for buckets is designed to scalable and modular to be able to integrate new functions or adjust the line to other container formats.

The PACKINOV packaging line for buckets is an innovative a versatile, high-performance, scalable solution that will meet your company's requirements while preserving the quality of your products.

Designed for

Square or rectangular buckets

Round buckets

PACKINOV's bucket range offers undeniable advantages

greater reliability on a daily basis and enhanced performance.


The advantages of the PACKINOV bucket range

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Adapted packinov services

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After-sales services

PACKINOV's after-sales service is at your side to maintain, repair and upgrade your machine, filler or dispenser.
You can also consult our after-sales guides for routine maintenance of your machine.

scalable and modular

PACKINOV will support you throughout the life of your machine and advise you as your production evolves.

Modifications will be carefully studied, proposed to you and then fully handled by our in-house teams, who are fully conversant with the technologies used on PACKINOV machines.


Retain all the flexibility you need to tailor 100% production to meet your requirements and specifications.
Our machines are designed by our in-house design office in France, in close collaboration with your teams.


PACKINOV's teams carry out annual maintenance on your machine and replace wearing parts to ensure that your filling machine operates at optimum efficiency and that your production continues uninterrupted.

100% French

All our machines are developed and manufactured in France.

Discover our production site in pictures.


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