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After-sales service

after-sales service in france

For maximum responsiveness

PACKINOV's after-sales service is based in France. It is at your side to maintain, repair and make upgrade your packaging machine, your packaging line, your filling machine or your filler.

We're here to help you guide on the phone for even the most minor machine breakdowns, or for intervene on your site as part of a diagnosis, maintenance contract or more extensive repair.

Finally, we can also retrofit, renovate or upgrade your machines, packaging lines, filling or dosing machines PACKINOV in our workshops to enhance their performance and add new features.

With PACKINOV's after-sales service in France, you can be sure of optimised production tailored to your needs, throughout the life of your machine.

And for some breakdowns of machines, filling machines or dosers, They are often easy to correct, and we like to pass on your knowledge so that you can act completely autonomously, thanks to the PACKINOV SAV guides below.

Similarly, some maintenance actions are simple and you can do them yourself with just a few tools.

With the after-sales service PACKINOV in France,

you can be sure of optimised production tailored to your needsthroughout the life of your machine.


Le PACKINOV after-sales service is ensured by the intervention of a technician on your siteor from our technical centre by a remote control of your equipment.
Improvements or upgrades to your machine can also be made by in our workshops.

We maintain in stock, at our site in Beynost (01), Francea large quantity of spare parts for all packaging machines stand-alone dosing modules, heatsealers and filling machines in working order, to guarantee rapid intervention for the monitoring, repair and maintenance of your PACKINOV machine throughout its life.

Seal, spring, piston, ink... consumables and spare parts to compensate for machine breakdowns are purchased from same suppliers than for production, so that we can guarantee full compliance elements and impeccable product quality including spare parts.

Our technicians are trained and experienced experts both on mechanical and electronic aspects for our entire range of machines, modules and packaging machines. They will carry out a rapid and reliable diagnosis, if possible by telephone, if not on your site, in order to Get your machine up and running again quickly, and your production up and running.