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PACKINOV, a recognised major player in the field of packaging, has for several years taken the initiative of fully integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of its strategy.

PACKINOV's commitment to CSR focuses on three main areas: environmental, social and economic.

This deep commitment reflects the company's desire to make a positive contribution to society while ensuring its growth and sustainable development.

PACKINOV is aware of the environmental impact of its activity and has put in place a specific environmental policy. 

The company is working to reduce its carbon footprint by optimising its production and transport processes and reducing the amount of waste it generates. It is also investing in clean technologies and constantly seeking to improve the energy efficiency of its equipment. 

The rigorous selection of materials, favouring those that are recyclable or from sustainable sources, is at the heart of the design and listing of PACKINOV products. 

This global approach not only minimises environmental impact, but also raises awareness among suppliers and customers of the importance of more environmentally-friendly practices.

On the social front, PACKINOV stands out for its inclusive and caring HR policy.

The company puts people at the heart of its concerns, ensuring the well-being and fulfilment of its employees.

The actions implemented range from ongoing training to promoting diversity and inclusion within its teams. PACKINOV is also involved in solidarity actions, supporting local initiatives and participating in social projects.

This approach aims to strengthen internal cohesion and make the company a committed player in community life.

In economic terms, PACKINOV strives to reconcile performance and responsibility.

The company adopts transparent and ethical governance, making decisions that take account of social and environmental issues.

It seeks to create value in a sustainable way, by developing innovative packaging solutions - both machines and consumables - that meet consumers' needs while respecting the environment.

PACKINOV's commitments

Eco-design and
Product sustainability

PACKINOV undertakes to reduce the carbon footprint of its packaging machines by 6% per yearThe aim is to reduce the weight of our products, use recycled raw materials and cut energy consumption. The aim is also toachieve 20% of "service for use "This is a sign of our determination to promote a functional economy.

In addition, the company aims to ensure that 80% of its consumables are recyclable and 10% compostable by 2025, while at the same time reducing recurring freight on these consumables of 10% per year.

Sharing Values and

Internally, PACKINOV wants to involve all its employees in its CSR approach. The company intends to enable 100% of its employees to take part in skills sponsorship and experience a day at a customer or supplier site to better understand the challenges of eco-responsibility.

These initiatives aim to strengthen the sense of belonging and to share the strategy, values and benefits of CSR commitment.

Well-being and
Inclusion of teams

PACKINOV makes it a point of honour to continue to focus on the well-being of its teams by aiming for a high level of performance. 50% reduction in staff turnover in 3 years and a 20% reduction in sick leave per year musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

In addition, the company undertakes to promote diversity and inclusion by hiring one person per year who has been excluded from the labour market and by providing financial support to social integration companies and work experience centres.

100% French

PACKINOV packaging machine manufacturer in France

Since 1997, PACKINOV designs and manufactures rotary machines and automatic packaging lines adapted to all products in rigid containers in Beynost (01).

From the outset, this company has opted for the 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

Innovative, top-of-the-range French manufacturer, PACKINOV is present in France and abroad and supports its customers at every stage of their project, in a spirit of partnership. global packaging solution with machines but also pots, the lids and many associated services.



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